The assassination that changed politics in America

The 35th president of United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was killed on 22nd November 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The then president was riding in the motorcade, with his wife and the governor of Texas, when he was shot with a rifle; the shots were fired from a building located nearby. John F. Kennedy was rushed to the nearby hospital but was declared dead within 30 minutes of shooting. He sustained fatal injuries and was not able to recover from that. Connally, then the governor of Texas, was also injured, but he recovered later. A guy named Oswald, a former U. S marine was the person behind the assassination and was taken into custody by the police department, within 70 minutes of the attack. The investigation proved that Oswald was the only person involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Oswald was also later shot dead by Jack Ruby, a nightclub operator in Dallas. The assassination changed the course of American politics, in many ways.

Public and political reactions

The whole of America was in grief and was deeply saddened by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The assassination had a great effect on the domestic politics and on people, the effects were not only for short run, but the effects can be seen even today. John F. Kennedy was working on tax cuts and civil rights before he was assassinated, and these two public interest topics kept him ahead of any other presidential candidate for the election ahead. John F. Kennedy was not liberal in his political approach, but after his death, the Democratic was inclined more towards the liberal politics, and that was the main reason, that the Democrats only won once, in the next 25 years.

Many journalists after the assassination of John F. Kennedy quoted American society as sick and violent. People of America were low in confidence and had lost trust in America. The next two presidents of America didn’t even complete their term in the office. It becomes difficult for people to trust American politics.

Many people believed that Kennedy, could have to handle the Vietnam War in a better way, and also the liberal approach of the Democratic could have been neglected. Over the period of time Kennedy’s status as a great leader, reach new heights, and Kennedy becomes a political legacy. Many American politicians have used and based their whole political career on Kennedy legacy, from Reagan to Clinton and even Obama used Kennedy legacy, in their presidential campaigns.


Lee Harvey Oswald, the killer of John F. Kennedy was a communist; he was in Soviet Russia for three years. Oswald was shot killed by Jack Ruby, and the assassination of Oswald raise many questions and conspiracy theories, such as communist countries are behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but the investigation later proved that no one else other than Oswald was behind the assassination, and even Ruby was the only one behind the assassination of Oswald. So, all the conspiracies proved to be wrong.