Presidential Assassinations and The Effect

The darkest phase in any country’s political history is a Presidential assassination and USA has seen four of them so far. The aftermath of such an event leaves the country’s politics in shambles and it is hard to recover from it. The emergency phase has the topmost leaders deal with a number of issues and the crowd control becomes the important aspect. With such strong security arrangements, it is hard to fathom presidential assassinations but the same arrangements were not there in the earlier times with limited technology.

List of assassinated Presidents

As mentioned, there have been four presidential assassinations so far in the political history of America and they are as follows:

Abraham Lincoln:

Probably the disastrous news of that year was the assassination of the much loved Abraham Lincoln. His death came as a shock on the day of 14th April in the year 1865 and happened at the time when he was inside a theatre enjoying the play. This was one of the saddest days in the USA political history owing to the popularity that Abraham Lincoln enjoyed.

James Garfield:

Almost 16 years after the death of one of the most loved Presidents of the country, USA was in for another shocker when James Garfield was shot on 2nd This happened at the time when he was in the station and the bullets were shot at his back. The limited medical facilities at that point of time were unsuccessful in finding the bullet and taking it out resulting in the infection being spread across the body parts leading to his death on 19th of September in the same year.

William McKinley:

Another successful attempt at the presidential assassinations came in the year of 1901. William McKinley, unaware of what was going to happen, was greeting his supporter who had come in numbers to see their President. However, he was shot from a person who very near to him and the limited medical advancement at that time proved to be futile again as he died to gangrene as a result of the wounds. He was shot on 6th of September and breathed his last on 14th of the same month.

John F. Kennedy:

Arguably the most infamous assassination of the 20th century was that of the celebrated President John F. Kennedy. The assassination has been widely reported and documented with a number of people still wanting to know more about exactly what happened. He had children and a wife at the time of his death. His death was caused by a gunshot when he was in the car greeting his supporters. He was shot on the side of his face and was immediately rushed to the hospital afterward. However, he was proclaimed dead as soon as he reached the hospital. The death was widely mourned in the country.

Presidential assassination not only affects the country but also raises questions on the efficiency of security especially when it comes to the leaders running the country.