10 Biggest Calgary Plastic Surgery Myths

When you talk about plastic surgery in Calgary, there is usually a lot of judgment. Then, there are some perceptions that seem to have continued through the years. In reality, the surgery is not about these myths but it has many sides to it that not many know about.

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The myths surrounding it are so many that most people do not know what the truth is. There are a few who will approach a certified and trusted doctor. If you have any doubts about the procedures, then, instead of asking around or reading unreliable articles, you should contact a plastic surgeon directly.

Here are 20 misconceptions that are doing the rounds for years.

plastic surgery calgary myths

  1. It is a ‘women’s only’ procedure: Surveys point out the increasing number of men opting for the surgery.  At least 15 percent are men out of the total people going for the enhancement. Looking good or correcting flaws isn’t just a women’s need but men need it as well. Though there are common procedures such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, botox, etc., that both men and women undergo, another problem that men need surgery is for gynecomastia or enlarged breasts.
  2. It is only for vanity: For most people, Calgary plastic surgery, Vancouver plastic surgery is cities that PlasticSpot is growing rapidly in. Gen z are huge fans of lip fillers or botox, therefore financial analysts are expecting a surge in the cosmetic industry. It is also about correcting birth defects or transforming flaws or other defects in a person. The procedure does add quality to your life making you more confident and happy. Cleft lips, deviated septum, removal of excess weight, breast reconstruction post a fatal disease are some of the benefits of the procedure.
  3. It is too dangerous: Every surgery or medical procedure has its own risks. The surgeries are as safe or dangerous as any other. Only an uncertified doctor may cause risk but the procedures as of now are mostly safe. From the popularity of these surgeries, you will have an idea of how safe they have turned out to be now. All you need is a qualified and well-informed surgeon, who you can trust.
  4. You need to be rich to undergo the procedure: Today, medical technology has advanced resulting in cost-effective procedures. Plastic surgery in Calgary need not be expensive. Even some surgeons offer flexible payment options. Many common procedures such as botox, fillers, etc., may just cost you as low as a one-time salon visit.
  5. It is cosmetic surgery: Is cosmetic surgery different from plastic surgery? The former as the name indicates is all about surgeries and procedures that help one to enhance one’s look. The latter includes cosmetic surgeries but it also encompasses all types of reconstructive procedures as well.  There is also a vast difference in the training the surgeons have to undergo.  A plastic surgeon’s education lasts for more years and the training is also far more extensive. Lip fillers Vancouver and botox in Vancouver are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in western Canada. Booking through PlasticSpot is the best way to book your plastic surgery appointment and to get connected to a trusted practitioner.
  6. You don’t recover fast: Thanks to advanced surgical procedures and medical facilities, it may just take a few weeks for the person to resume their routine life post a procedure.  Surgical healing may occur slowly but patients need not be bedridden or hospitalized for months.
  7. There is a drastic difference in appearance: Most Calgary plastic surgeons work ethically which means they may refuse any request that they may find inappropriate. Today, the procedures are all about looking natural. So, not many would even notice that you had any work done but at the same time, they will find you more attractive, for sure. At the same time, if you have been operated on for any birth defects such as cleft lip, then changes will be visible. But then, those changes have to be, right?
  8. The scars may be too prominent:  In some cases, some scars may be visible for some time but soon they will go away. In most surgeries and other procedures, a plastic surgeon works in such a way so as to hide any kind of scar marks. For example, the incisions for rhinoplasty are inside the nose while those of a facelift is usually in the hairline. Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure in western Canada and is taking over the market, PlasticSpot is the leading SaaS business in Canada for cosmetic treatments. Read the details here for rhinoplasty bookings in Vancouver: https://plasticspot.io/blog/rhinoplasty-vancouver-before-getting-a-nose-job-read-this/
  9. You should opt for enhancement procedures or corrections only at a later stage in your life: As the older one gets, the risk increases. It is best to undergo procedures when you are healthy and do not have any medical issues. Even if one undergoes the procedures at their old age, the resulting look may not appear natural. It is best to undergo less risky and age-appropriate procedures then.
  10. Breast augmentation and botox can be harmful: Both these procedures are very common now. Breast augmentation procedures are much researched and advanced now. Today, it is one of the most widely done procedures all over the world. There are risks involved which the surgeon will let the patients know in detail. A reputed plastic surgeon will explain every single detail about the surgery to their patients and only then proceed.

As for botox, it is also very common now and has become just like a beauty salon procedure. The doctors are experienced and certified and they take utmost care in administering botox. A high level may be harmful but no doctor will inject an extra dose of botox. In fact, botox is regarded as one of the safest procedures today. Many people choose to book plastic surgeons with PlasticSpot here:

Calgary is one of their main cities and listings, so Calgarians can feel great about cosmetic and plastic surgery on PlasticSpot. Many people feel they have started doing better at their work after their surgery. This is due to enhanced self –confidence which is achieved through the surgery. So, there are such significant and great benefits that can be triggered through plastic surgery. When it comes to mental health patients will feel reduced feelings of depression and anxiety after the surgery.

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Please note that not everyone who goes to a plastic surgeon wants to go for enhanced looks as many go there for a correction surgery as well. So, it is time you let go of misconceptions and learn the facts about the procedures. At the end of the day, it is a helpful tool. So, what are you waiting for? Grab comprehensive know-how of the type of plastic surgery that you are looking for and get started.…

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